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Azizaraks Productions is proud to announce the long await release of Aziza’s instructional DVD, “Hands, Arms, and Poses”. The first in a series of instructional DVD’s from this world renowned workshop instructor. Aziza brings the concepts and exercises that have been the foundation of her popular workshop series. Now you have the opportunity to practice along with this inspiring teacher in your own home.
“Hands, Arms, and Poses” is beautifully shot at the historic Windsor, Ballroom in Montreal, Canada. This DVD includes drills and exercises designed to create fluidity and intention of movement. Including an intimate and revealing interview with Aziza as well as two performances showcasing the poses and arm movements taught in the DVD, and a rare and special feature of a young Aziza performing at Rakkasah in 1994 to the live music of Alan Bachman and Desert Wind.

DVD content;

Visualizations and concepts that Aziza uses to inject power and grace into her arm movements

Warm up
A gentle warp up to prepare your body for the drills and exercises

Drills and Exercises,
Repetitive drills to commit arm patterns to muscle memory. Put into practice the concepts and visualizations that will allow you to begin to move your arms with intention and integrity. Wrist isolations, hand undulations, and lotus hands ar also broken down and drilled. And finally two simple foot combinations with varying arms patterns to practice transitions.

Combinations performances,
A break down of a series of creative pose combinations to add to your dance repertoire.

Cool down
Slowly and easily bring our practice to a close with gentle stretches.

Combination performance
A beautiful demonstration of the material presented in full costume.


Special features:

Bonus performance
An extra veil performance filmed in the stunning Windsor Hotel lobby.

Vintage performance
This performance is a rarely seen glimpse of a young Aziza performing to live music at Rakkasah West in 1994.

Aziza responds to her most frequently asked questions in a revealing and intimate interview.

Vintage pictures gallery
Aziza shares some personal photos from her dance past.

Running time: 92 minutes

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