AZIZA'S Ultimate Bellydance Practice Companion

AZIZA'S Ultimate Bellydance Practice Companion

* Want a challenging bellydance class that trains you to move every body part with grace,
power, clarity, and fluidity?

* Need a dance practice that keeps you at peak performance?
Aziza, an internationally renowned Middle Eastern Dancer, is know for her show stopping
technique and highly effective training method.

* Join Aziza and her students as they do a highly effective technique class. Covering all
aspects of stationary techniques, Aziza will help you perfect all of your bellydance movements.
This program is recommended for experienced bellydancers.

* Topics covered are: posture, complete warm-up, linear and circular ribcage movements, linear and circular hip movements, a twenty minute shimmy drill progressing in difficulty and layering, drills for control and grace of hands and arms, and a complete cool-down.

* You'll stay motivated with Aziza's excellent instruction and her specially selected music!

* Special Features: Fabulous Live Performances by Aziza and Aziza's Favourite Music Recommendations.

Running time: 70 minutes
Instruction: 1 hour
Performance: 10 minutes
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